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Patent Registration

When you’ve done a new invention, you can get exclusive rights over it as a patentee. All you have to do is follow through with the procedure of patent registration. We help you with the same.

Copyrights Registration

The work of literature, art, and music requires a lot of creativity and it needs to be preserved. The artists need to be protected for their rights and credits and that’s what copyrights do.

Trademark Registration

Your trademark is your business’ identity and you need to make it look different and unique while also ensuring that it doesn’t coincide with an existing brand and that a new brand doesn’t infringe it.

Design Registration

We understand the thought and creativity you put into developing a beautiful design of any form. Make sure you protect it by getting it registered. We can help you with the same by making your design registration application.

ISO Certification

An ISO certification puts a tag of authenticity and reliability on your products and services and the customers are able to trust you better. We help you apply and get this certification without any hassles at all.

Private Limited Company Registration

Getting your private limited company involves lots of procedures and form-filling. We do it all for you so that you can focus on the other works that require your attention.

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We, at SaiLakshmi IPR Consultants, have a well-built team of experienced patent attorneys who have been practising for years and have accomplished expertise in managing end-to-end processes for patent registration.

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