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Take The Next Step for Your Business, Move forward in your journey as an entrepreneur by getting your business registered as a private company with the best attorneys.

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SaiLakshmi IPR Consultants is a well-built team of experienced and expert IPR attorneys who offer all the help and assistance as regards a company registration process.

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Our team has the best IPR consultants to help you with all the needs for registering your business as a private company by taking care of all the forms, applications, and other procedural requirements.

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As an entrepreneur, you think of registering as a private company at some point in time given that it’s beneficial on multiple levels. However, registering your private company is a lengthy process and you need to meet multiple requirements and fill innumerous forms which can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. We can help you with all of it with experts working on your private company registration process.
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Registering your private company by taking care of all the forms and applications all by yourself can be overwhelming. Don’t fall into such hassles and have the experts take care of your company registration process. Hire Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants now for private limited company registration.
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Private Company Registration in India

When you have a business, registering it as a private company can give you multiple benefits for taxation and finances. Moreover, it adds more credibility to your business as you are officially registered with the government. So, your clients and customers are able to put in more trust in you. However, registering your private company is a lengthy process and it requires a lot of knowledge of the Company Law and other rules and regulations which you may not have. We, at Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants have all the relevant knowledge and expertise it requires to register a private company and help you with the process through and through. Get in touch now and let’s move forward towards your private limited company registration

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We, at SaiLakshmi IPR Consultants, have a well-built team of experienced company law experts who have been practising for years and have accomplished expertise in managing end-to-end processes for private limited company registration.

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Your trademark is your business’ identity and you need to make it look different and unique while also ensuring that it doesn’t coincide with an existing brand and that a new brand doesn’t infringe it.

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Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants are great at their work. They took care of the entire company registration process right from making the first application for name registration to getting the final certificate of incorporation. I will highly recommend their services.
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Jason Martin
I had a wonderful experience with Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants. Their knowledge and expertise in Company Law is commendable and I will highly recommend them for registering your private company.
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Barbara Smith
Managing Director
Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants is, hands down, the best company to get your private company registered. They know everything, do a great job, and everything remains smooth and effortless. I love them and would highly recommend their services.
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Mark Sommers


Registering a private limited company is a long driven process and requires filing of multiple forms and applications. You can get in touch with our experts at Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants to understand the entire procedure in detail.
It is possible to register a private company all by yourself, however the process is long-driven and can be overwhelming. Only a company law expert can take care of every single form and application required for private company registration expedite. So, it is advisable to hire an expert for private company registration so that everything remains smooth.
Yes, DSC and DIN are mandatory requirements to be a director in a private limited company. We can help you get both DIN and DSC with your private company registration process.
Yes, it is possible to be a director in more than one private company, however, that number should not exceed three private companies.
No, a single person cannot register a private company. At least two people are required to divide the shareholding. In case of a single person, you can register a one person company under section 8 of Company Law.

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