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SaiLakshmi IPR Consultants is a well-built team of experienced and expert IPR attorneys who offer all the help you need to protect your ornamental design with design registration.

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Our team has the best IPR consultants to help you with all the needs for registering your ornamental design, right from initial application to getting the final design rights.

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Design Registration is a tricky process. You may not even know if your design really can be registered or if something like that already exists. However, when you’ve created something unique and special, you want to make sure that it is protected in every manner. We help you out through all the confusion regarding design registration and get design rights for your ornamental design.
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Creating a unique and innovative design requires a lot of planning, imagination, creativity, and hard work. It’s essential that you protect your hard work by getting exclusive rights over it through design registration. Let us help you with the same. We have got the best design experts who know all about design registration and will make it easy for you to get design rights.

Design Registration in India

When you work for something, you proceed by creating an initial design for it. Be it a piece of jewelry, a dress, a building, a machine, or any other thing, a unique design is what makes it remarkable. However, if such designs are copied, their uniqueness comes into question. It is for this reason that the Designs Act was introduced to help innovators and designers protect their creative designs by getting exclusive design rights over them. With design registration, any new and innovative design can be protected from any copying, infringement, or misuse and the original innovator of the design can get the right value for it. So, if you’ve created a design, do not miss on getting the design rights for it. Get in touch with the most experienced design experts at Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants to get your design registered and protected.

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We, at SaiLakshmi IPR Consultants, have a well-built team of experienced design experts who have been practising for years and have accomplished expertise in managing end-to-end processes for design registration.

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Patent Registration

When you’ve done a new invention, you can get exclusive rights over it as a patentee. All you have to do is follow through with the procedure of patent registration. We help you with the same.

Copyrights Registration

The work of literature, art, and music requires a lot of creativity and it needs to be preserved. The artists need to be protected for their rights and credits and that’s what copyrights do.

Trademark Registration

Your trademark is your business’ identity and you need to make it look different and unique while also ensuring that it doesn’t coincide with an existing brand and that a new brand doesn’t infringe it.

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I had a great time working with Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants. They’ve been great at helping me with all my design registration requirements and thanks to them I got my design rights pretty quickly.
Jason Martin
My experience with Sai Lakshmi IPR consultants was amazing. They guided me through the entire design registration process and got me the necessary design rights. I would highly recommend their services.
Barbara Smith
Managing Director
The knowledge and expertise of people at Sai Lakshmi IPR consultants is pretty amazing. They are great at their work, I have got design rights for many of my designs with them and would highly recommend them for all kinds of IPR services.
Mark Sommers


Supporting Subheading
A design, in layman’s language, can be understood to be any piece of art or pattern on a product or object that enhances its aesthetics. For instance, jewelry is a product, but the different patterns and styles in which jewelry can be molded are called designs.
No, it is not mandatory to register a design. However, it is advisable to make sure that it’s protected from duplication or misuse.
It is pretty quick and easy to register a design. You need to check that any existing form of such design is not already registered, make an application for the design registration, and once the registrar is satisfied after a scrutiny of the design, you get the approval and the final design rights.
A person has design rights for 10 years from the date of registration of the design.
Yes, a design registration can be renewed, however, the validity period of the renewal is only 5 years.