Huawei’s latest patent aims to enhance fever alert accuracy in wearables

Huawei has patented a new method to enhance the accuracy of fever detection using wearable devices. This patent is important due to the growing need for health monitoring in various everyday situations, including homes, offices, and sports activities.


Cost-effective LED by University of Kerala researchers wins patent

The invention has received a patent from the Government of India under the title ‘Double perovskite tellurates and the use thereof in the fabrication of cyan emitting LEDs’.


Johnson & Johnson not to enforce patents on TB drug

The move follows global pressure on the company, with India’s Patent Office rejecting J&J’s attempt to extend its monopoly on the drug, which is critical for the treatment of drug resistant TB U.S.-based drug maker Johnson & Johnson has announced that it will not enforce patents for Sirturo


Kia trademarks 8 EVs in India

Kia has trademarked as many as eight new electric vehicles in India – the range starts with the EV1, and goes all the way up to the EV9. The EV9 is Kia’s flagship electric model, and we already know it’s slated to arrive in India sometime next year, but while there’s no confirmation on the others,


Delhi High Court restrains Dominick Pizza from using Domino’s registered trade marks...

In the instant case, Plaintiff 1, Dominos IP Holder Limited Liability Corporation was incorporated in Delaware with its office at Michigan, USA. Plaintiff 1, owned and managed the intellectual property of ‘Domino’s Pizza’ and had licensed its intellectual property to Domino’s Pizza International Franchising Inc….