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Sai Lakshmi IPR Consultants specializes in Intellectual Property Rights and its allied realms.

Our dedicated team of legal, paralegal and technical experts strive to provide seamless solutions to our clients. We are a one stop solution for all IPR related services.

Popular Service

  • Patent Rights
  • Trade mark certification
  • ISO certification
  • Sole Proprietorship/Partnership Firm Registration
  • Private Limited Company registration
  • IEC, FSSAI, IPR Training

What we do?

Intellectual creations are the building blocks for the development of industrial economy of a country and it is a quintessential requirement of the inventors to protect their intellect and be able to exploit their efforts of creation to the maximum.

In Todays Indian scenario, the Department of Industrial policy and promotion has implemented various programs to create more awareness on IPR from the grass root level of schools, colleges and Institutions to sow seeds of creation, protection and its exploitation in the young minds. Budding entrepreneurs are encouraged by programs such as start-up India by waiving the statutory fees and expediting the registration process.

Our clients from various backgrounds such as students, independent inventors, young entrepreneurs, R & D centres, Institutions, small and large entities have benefitted from our expert advice. It is a known fact that inventions not protected are Inventions lost, hence one must seek protection for products of their intellect at the right time and in the right manner.

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